Direct Entry Debate

#Direct Entry

On Thursday 10th April, we hosted  a day long Twitter session  on the hot topic of  direct entry into the police at officer level .


  • The majority of comments were critical of direct entry
  • Concern re Lack of experience in basic policing issues
  • Transferability of skills
  • Will it create a further glass ceiling at a time when opportunities are rare?
  • Is the salary enough to attract the best?
  • How will operational awareness and competency be tested?
  • Some say just give it a chance, see what happens
  • Concern that it may lead to positive discrimination
  • Differences between forces some for it some very against
  • Could bring in fresh approaches
  • Need to have been street operational at some stage
  • Public views are mixed
  • Potential 2 tier Superintendents.

We’d to thank everyone who participated , we had over 3million interactions. With a lot of  interested parties getting involved. You can read more about this debate by clicking here.