4Policing Partnership Helping You

The 4Policing group has extensive experience in the detailed planning of policing operations and risk and community impact assessments.

We can provide you with an external and independent assessment of an operational initiative your organisation may be planning.

4Policing can advise you on a whole range of effective media strategies tailored specifically to your needs.

The group has a proven track record and extensive experience with ‘digital engagement’and can advise you on a whole range of Social Media. Our team has former Police ‘Gold’ strategic and ‘Silver’ tactical advisors on its staff with over 80 years combined experience of the policing of major operations.

We have an unparalleled range of contacts in the mainstream media, both locally and nationally and can offer your organisation an ‘inside track’ on how your proposed media strategy might be received.

We have built up an enviable reputation for trust and integrity and can put your organisation in contact with, or mediate on your behalf with many senior representatives from a huge range of national organisations.

Press and Media Organisations

The Leveson Report has inevitably limited the opportunity for media to work with Police Forces. Experts from the 4Policing team are all vastly experienced in UK law enforcement and come from a whole variety of policing backgrounds up to the rank of Chief Constable.  The team can provide comprehensive briefings to Journalists and Producers on policing operations and incidents that may be unfolding in the media.

We can interpret and help you with an insight into the often complex ‘in house’ procedures and jargon involved in policing operations enhancing  the quality of reporting and coverage.

Our team has both commanded and implemented the policing response to a massive range of major incidents including natural disaster, murder enquiries and firearms and public order incidents and can provide you with expert commentary or the appropriate terminology for your reporting.

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